joshua park

        healing visions

& lyrics

alvin davis

saxman, flutist, trumpet, Indian flute

backing vocals, mixing, co-production

niki gregory

singer/songwriter, lead & backing vocalist, acoustic rhythm guitar, project architect

jayne dixon

rhythm percussion, singing bowls & more

gareth williams

Lead acoustic & electric effects guitar

mixing & co-production

john frennet

acoustic bass

  niki gregory & sakaash

asian day (sample)

This musical family have been playing together now for 20 years.

In the spirit of co-operation and friendship they have sculpted this collection of songs and sounds, which they hope will transport the listener to places that chill the mind

and warm the heart.



"I'd like to think that true art isn't about the ego,

 but more an expression of the spirit & gratitude.

 It humbles me that I could somehow be an

 instrument for this creativity to happen through.

 I can honestly say I don't understand the process

 and I am in awe of its magic."  




"Niki's music takes me to a place of peace & serenity......outstanding"


Bob Lamb, producer UB40's debut 'Signing Off' album

Drummer - Steve Gibbons Band

former manager Niki Gregory